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Basic Workflow methodology

The scanned batches created by the Document Controller will automatically appear on the designated scan station. The scanner operator will select the batch to be scanned and will scan the batch @ 300 dpi or at applicable resolution as per quality of documents.
Post completion of basic QC of images scanned, one copy of RAW TIF will be backed up in DVDs/HDD as per requirement of RFP document.
After above specified steps images will pass through automated image enhancement processes in which quality of the images will be enhanced by running processes like border removal, deskpackle, dot removal, page rotate etc. in order to bring old records into the new shape.

Once images are enhanced. These will be converted into OCRed PDF file through automated OCR process. In order to maintain the originality and authenticity of these images, no manual modification will be done in the OCRed PDF files. While printing and viewing scanned image of records while keeping OCRed text in background for search purpose. This will ensure accurate printing and viewing of record.
Once enhanced image of whole report has been created then these files will come to the indexing workstation where these files will be indexed on the base of concerning metadata. These Records will be indexed on the parameters provided for the documents.
Post generation of OCRed PDF files along with indexing parameters. Data will be handed over to authorized official of department in data structure finalized by department and a data receiving will be obtained from the authorized official of department.