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Scanning Services

Data Capture Systems has scanned hundreds of millions of documents since 2004

Our document scanning services are all undertaken at our ultra secure ISO 9001 approved facility. Most of our customers are looking to outsource their scanning because they don't have either time, hardware, skills or other resources to undertake the job.

At Data Capture Systems we offer a complete scanning service to cater for all industry sectors and functions. Whether you are looking to scan a large document archive or looking to scan documents on a daily basis we are here to help.

We offer complete India coverage with staff members in all areas of the country so don't get distracted looking for a "local company" - geography really doesn't matter, its quality of work and expertise that really count. This gives you the peace of mind that your requirements can be carefully discussed by one of our experts in order to come up with the right solution for you.

Often we take a sample file from our customers to give them an example of what the results would be like. Our customers find this really useful and it gives them an opportunity to see an example of the end product before committing to the work. This is also a useful process if you need to convince a budget holder of the benefits of getting your documents scanned.

The Secret to Our Success

We guarantee that you will be happy with the work we do for you. Our deeply experienced scanning teams ensure that your documents are secured, prepped properly, quickly scanned, converted into electronic images in PDF, TIFF or any other format you need. We can also customize our document scanning process to meet any unique or custom requirements.

The Scaning Process Explained

1. Collection

The first part of the document scanning process is for us to collect you documents. We offer a FREE India based collection service via our secure tracked vehicles.

2. Preparation

The second part of the process is the preparation. Documents are prepared for scanning firstly by having staples and paperclips removed. Pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and gathered up into batches ready for the scanner.

3. Document Scanning

The third stage is the document scanning. We operate best of breed Kodak or Fujitsu scanners ensuring only the highest quality images are captured. Our operators watch every document through the scanner meaning a real time quality control process is always in effect.

4. Quality Control

The fourth stage is quality control. Digital images are checked for quality and consistency once again.

5. Indexing

The fifth stage is indexing. Images are now passed to indexing to manually extract data in order for it to be accessed at a later date via a document management system or via our own hosted system.

6. Quality Control

The sixth stage is to quality control all captured data including verification against client master databases.

7. Delivery / Upload

The seventh stage is delivery or data upload. Your images are delivered back to you on a USB stick / DVD or uploaded into either our own FTP hosted system or into your own database / EDM.

8. Shredding and Recycling

The final stage is shredding and recycling. Once you are happy you have everything you need your paperwork is either returned to you or securely shredded, pulped and recycled. A certificate of destruction is then issued.

Key Facts

  • Full India coverage - we offer a FREE nationwide collection service.
  • We can scan any size document small or large.
  • Small volume or high volume archive? We work on all project sizes.
  • We can scan to any image format - TIFF - PDF - JPG and more.
  • Colour or black and white.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service available.
  • Our scanning services are in full accordance with ISO standards.
  • We only use employed staff, we never outsource any part of our processes.
  • Secure and fully monitored sites with 24/7 production capacity.
  • High security project areas for sensitive data projects.