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Record Management Solutions

Typically records management is for inactive records, which by very definition are records that are no longer being accessed frequently, if at all. This makes it easy to put those records in a deep, dark corner of your facility or a storage unit never to be thought of again. But it is not that simple. The records have to be kept, or you would simply throw them out. The question is where they are kept.

Our RMS Offerings

Records Storage and Management: Our services ensure easy access to your records. You can retrieve your records at various stages, including box, file and document, and also opt for an e-Retrieval.

Sensitive Records Storage: Sensitive documents are stored in specially designed containers that can withstand any kinds of calamities, including fire, water, among others.

Records Destruction Services: These services ensure that documents that have exhausted their utilities and have become redundant are liquidated at the ideal time.

Online Services: Our software is specially designed for the Internet environment, allowing you the facility of document access from any place and at any time.